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Have you desired some changes in your life? And finally made a decision to have cosmetic surgery like many people? Of course, to be happy is also your right. Surely, you desire to achieve the best result for yourself, like everyone. But, now dozens of questions as a matter of course have started to run in your mind. How can I find the best surgeon in Dubai, UAE? Which surgeon is capable to carry out my surgery best? What are the risks and complications of the procedures? What if any possible complication happens? Which clinic provides the best service? What if I would not achieve the result that I desired? What are the prices of plastic surgery in Dubai, UAE? Can I afford the costs? And many many more…

Now, I will try to guide you as much as possible. Here are the tips that every candidate for cosmetic surgery should be informed of beforehand.

Choose your surgeon first

best plastic surgeon dubaiThe most important issue is how you would choose your surgeon. If you already know a plastic surgeon who you can trust, go directly to him or her without hesitation. Well, what if you do not know any surgeons? As a second option, you may ask your companions who know any plastic surgeons trustable or who underwent cosmetic surgery before. Their recommendation may be a guide for you. Well, what if they do not know any surgeon to recommend you? The third option is inevitably to search the media or online.

Media is like a disinformation dump. Therefore you would likely fall into pitfall traps. When you attempt to search some helpful information, you may encounter thousands of “the best plastic surgeons”, thousands of “the most advanced surgical techniques”, thousands of “the best clinic” and many more…

Who is the best plastic surgeon?

As a matter of fact, it is very easy to be “the best surgeon who uses the most advanced techniques in the best clinic”. Do not be astonished, indeed very easy. Pay some money to media companies, they make you “the best” within a short while. On the other hand, almost all plastic surgeons claim that the best surgeon is himself / herself. For me, the patients’ appreciation is the most valuable criterion. Now, here is the question that needs to be answered: Who is the best?

As a matter of fact, there is no “best plastic surgeon” across the world. Every surgeon has different values that cannot be scaled numerically in terms of their knowledge, experience, skill and professional standpoint. Each patient is individually a new case, a new experience and a new challenge for a surgeon. At this point, you have to trust your own intuition to choose your surgeon.

Keep yourself away from commercial promotions

cosmetic procedure promotionHealthcare service never and should not be a subject of commerce. That does not mean it must be free, of course health care service also has a price. The term “client” in terms of commerce, represents the person who pays the money. Whereas the term “patient” in terms of medicine, represents the person who needs health care service.

Unfortunately, most of the clinic assume the patients as a client, as a money source. They establish various marketing strategies to increase their client number. This may be assumed as normal until now. However, some commercial promotions, advertisements, and campaigns have incorrect information that can mislead the people.

One of the most common tricks is to put a new name onto an already known procedure and present it as if it is a different, new procedure.

Another common trick is magnetic promotions initiating with “special offers for .…”, “50% off ….” or “free …. treatment after …. surgery”. The issue of the clinic administrators is to increase the number of the patient. However, while they discount, they ignore the price of the doctors’ labor which impacts their motivation.

Do not forget, health care is not a subject of commerce and the patient should not and never be a commercial material. Reducing the price necessitates reducing the cost of the treatment. Cost reduction inevitably influences treatment quality. At this point, ask this question yourself: Am I a client or a patient? Then choose one according to your own answer: Either money saving or proper treatment.

Ask the risks and complications of cosmetic surgery

cosmetic surgery risksAll doctors make an effort to make their patients happy. However each procedure has individual complication risks. The complications can be classified as unpredictable and predictable. Some extreme complications that have never or utmost rarely been experienced before cannot be predicted. Apart from this, most of the complications are predictable.

Anticipating the complications, therefore taking the precautions minimises the risks. However some complications arising from the patient’s genetic and biological characteristics are out of the surgeon’s control.

On the other hand unsatisfying outcomes are another consideration. Dissatisfaction arises from either surgical failure or higher patient expectation than a surgeon can provide. Most of the dissatisfied patients have the tendency to load the responsibility onto the surgeon. Because of ‘the patients are always right,’ surgeons are always guilty. That is a typical patient’s saying. In order not to lead to such a situation, I advise you discuss beforehand whether your expectation is achievable or not.

If the surgeon has enough experience to evaluate the patient’s expectation, they can anticipate whether the patient will be satisfied or not beforehand. For example, when I see a rhinoplasty patient who is over expectant or has unrealistic expectations that I cannot provide, then I reject the surgery. Not to do such surgery is better than to have grief later on.

Almost all, even major risks and complications of cosmetic procedures are treatable. What if any complication occurs? Of course no surgery has zero risks. In case of any complication occurring, be sure that your doctor will pay maximum effort to solve your problem anyhow.

Prepare yourself mentally

prepare to surgeryUndergoing a cosmetic surgery is not a part of our usual life. If you have already made a decision to undergo a cosmetic procedure, you should consider the recovery period, the best timing for you and to get ready for the results.

Almost all patients search the internet and get information regarding the procedure. Some of them diagnose his or her problem by themselves and make a decision which technique is proper for him or her by themselves. Furthermore they push the surgeon to carry out the surgery in accordance with their own knowledge. Even there are some patients who determine the silicone size for their breasts. Sometimes when I see such patients, I say silently in my mind: “If you know better than me, do your surgery by yourself”.

Do not forget that, even if you have comprehensive information, the doctor is educated and has much more knowledge and experience than you have. If you desire a satisfying result just explain your expectations to the doctor, then leave the decision to him or her to make. Be sure that the doctor will make the decision as best as possible.

If your expectation does not comply with what the doctor can do, do not push him or her to fulfill your expectation. Otherwise unwanted outcomes may occur. What you should do is to obey the advice of your doctor before as well as after the surgery.

Try to establish a good and warm relationship with your doctor and respect him or her knowledge and experience. This will be in favor of you. You will witness the harvest in the long term.

Ask the price of the plastic surgery

plastic surgery price dubaiOne of the biggest question is how much the plastic surgery prices. The total price of the surgery is composed of treatment expenses and surgeon/clinic fee. Since both parameters of the price are variable, total price varies in wide range.

The cost of the cosmetic surgery may also vary in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain in UAE. Also another variable is how severe your problem is.

The price of particular surgery may also vary from case to case. For example a tummy tuck surgery price is different for a patient who is 60 kg and a patient who is 100 kg. Of course the patient who is 100 kg challenges the surgeon more than the patient who is 60 kg. Hence, how exhausting the surgery is another parameter that influences the cost.

Some patients attempt to call clinic or doctor to ask the procedure’s price by phone call. This may be helpful to have an idea regarding to average costs of the cosmetic surgery. But most of them overlook that the price of the surgery cannot be standardised and may vary from case to case. During the consultation ask your doctor the cost of the procedure. The doctor determines the price according to those parameters.

Now, it is time to whisper you a clue. I advise you not to haggle with your surgeon upon the price. Most patients think that when they pay money, they think they purchase the health care service. This is a very big mistake. Because, when you pay money, in fact you purchase the surgeon’s knowledge, experience, effort and attention which are priceless. Those values must not be a subject to haggle. The surgeon also expects to have what he or she deserves. Haggling means devaluating the surgeon’s knowledge and experience, also significantly impacts the surgeon’s motivation. If you want to be happy, make your surgeon happy too. And remember cheap isn’t always cheerful and can amount to issues in the long run.

As a conclusion, do not disregard the above tips before your surgery. Good luck…

About Nazmi Baycin

Dr. Nazmi Baycin is board certified specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery. During the residency period, he practiced on hand surgery, microsurgery, and maxillofacial surgery. Since 1999, he conducted up to 40 scientific research studies that were published in most reputable international journals. He carried out more than 7.000 major surgeries as head plastic surgeon in his 20 years of career. Working on key areas include all procedures in field of cosmetic surgery. New surgical techniques on breast and genital surgery designed by Dr. Nazmi Baycin had been a subject of many international lectures.

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