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Do you need the best beard transplant surgeon in Dubai, UAE?

Everyone would like their doctor to be the best beard transplant surgeon. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE.

However, the best beard transplant surgeon is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the surgeon whom you really trust is the best.

If you plan to have beard transplant in Dubai, UAE and need professional support, feel free to contact.

Why do you need transplant?

The facial hair style trends have further reinforced many men’s natural wishes to have a dense and thick beard.

While some men have a genetic fortune for facial hair, others have a clean-shaven look without even having to shave. Some people were born without the genes for growing a full beard.

Lucky for those who want a beard but cannot accomplish this, beard transplant is a remedy now.

Thanks to the advancement of hair transplant techniques, a door has opened for beard transplant. Micro-transplantation techniques now provide the results as natural so nobody can notice your beard was transplanted.

I am as a Turkish doctor, have been working with my Turkish transplant team in Dubai UAE. You will witness the difference of Turkish handcraft and state-of-the-art beard transplant, and that is why many people prefer to travel to Turkey.

What is beard transplant?

patient safety for beard transplantBeard transplant is kind of like a procedure of collecting from the rich and donating to the poor.

The backside of the head has the richest and thickest hair. The number of hair on this area is enough to transfer to another part of the body without causing baldness.

Furthermore, the hair characteristics of the scalp hair and beard are pretty similar in terms of thickness, color and growth rate. For this reason, the scalp is an ideal donor area for beard and mustache transplant.

Transferred scalp hair looks like real beard hair after transplantation. In some men, the color tone of the scalp and beard may not exactly match and be slightly different. Tone difference may seem like a disadvantage, however, the random distribution of different tones provides a more natural appearance.

Coloration has not been an issue for the patients according to my experiences so far.

How will I perform the procedure?

Marking the beard line is crucial to achieve the best result. We will define the beard line mutually. You can even mark your line by yourself so that you can achieve the beard shape how you would like it.

The procedure requires local anesthesia and sedation if necessary. Initially I inject the local anaesthetic to the donor area. After achieving the full numbness, I start to collect the individual grafts with FUE technique.

First stage of the procedure is to collect the grafts from the donor area. FUE technique is cutting edge to harvesting the grafts, which leaves no mark on the donor area. Depending on the patchy area, 1000-3000 grafts are required. Collecting the grafts takes 1-2 hours.

The second stage is to make multiple tiny incisions on the beard area. The directions of the incision determines the angulation of the transplanted hair. Transplanted hair must be parallel with the original beard hair, otherwise the result would not look natural. Therefore making the incisions parallel direction to the original beard hair is critical. Beard transplant is a very precise job which requires a special hand skill and experience. Making the incisions takes about 1 hour.

Last stage is placement of the roots into the incisions. This time consuming stage takes 2-4 hours depending on the quantity of grafts. (Ref. Beard hair transplantation)

beard transplantation procedure

2 days after full beard & mustache transplant

How is the recovery period?

Once the procedure is completed, you may leave the clinic.

I will prescribe your medicines including antibiotics and pain killers. You should take antibiotics for 1 week to prevent infection. After you get rid of the numbness you will feel pain in the first 1-2 days. You should take pain killer medicine to reduce the pain when you need.

Your face will swell following the transplantation. Swelling reaches maximum in 48 hours, then starts to reduce quickly and resolves within 1 week completely.

During recovery period you may resume to your usual life, and will not need bed rest. Starting your business life depends on your work. If you work in an office, you may start to work after 4-5 days. However if you work outdoors, starting the work may take 10 days.

Will the result be permanent?


The hair will fall in 1 month after the procedure. However the roots will remain intact inside. New baby hair will grow within 3-4 months following the procedure. You will see the actual result 5-6 months after transplantation. New growing hair will be permanent.

Beard hair growth chart

What should you care after the procedure?

patient satisfaction rate after beard transplant

Patient satisfaction rate after the procedure

Third day of the procedure you will be required to wash your face. By the way, we will show you how to wash your face with a special shampoo. Afterwards you will wash your face once a day by yourself for 10 days.

Apart from washing, you will not need any special care. However you should avoid sun exposure. So, I recommend you use sun protecting cream for two months.

You may shave your beard 3 weeks after transplantation by using an electric shaver. Shaving with the razor in this period may pluck the roots. 2-3 months after the procedure, you may shave your beard with blade as well.




Checklist before having moustache & beard hair transplant in Dubai, UAE

IMPORTANT ! Before getting the appointment, check your medical conditions yourself.

How much does a beard transplant cost in Dubai, UAE?

Beard transplant costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic and depend on how large the bald area is and how many grafts you will need. In my practice, beard transplant price: 12,000 AED ($3,300) increases up to 18,000 AED ($4,900).

The price varies depending on the graft count and area to be transplanted.

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Get ready to look and feel best with beard transplant… You deserve…

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