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Everyone would like their doctor to be the best hair transplant surgeon. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE.

However, the best hair transplant surgeon is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the surgeon whom you really trust is the best.

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Experience the art of Turkish hair transplant in Dubai

In the first years of hair transplant history, the number of grafts were limited in FUE method. Thanks to the developed quality of technical instruments, we can obtain over 3000-4500 grafts in a session.

Upon this, both plastic surgeons and the patients who wanted hair transplant led to preferring the FUE method more often. FUE method has taken its place among the commonly used methods of transplantation in the world since 2010.

I am as a Turkish plastic surgeon, working in Dubai with my team with 20 years experience of 12.000+ cases. The entire team is honored to welcome you in UAE.

Here you will experience the difference of Turkish hand craft and the state-of-the-art transplantation. Then you will realize why thousands of people travel to Turkey for hair transplant.

I also perform beard transplant, moustache restoration, eyebrow transplant and eyelash restoration to provide the most natural results.

Female hair transplant in Dubai

The causes of female hair loss

The causes of female hair loss may arise from genetic characteristic as well as hormonal alterations, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anemia, nutritional factors and psychological stress.

Those women whose hair loss arises from hormonal or metabolic factors should be intended to treat underlying reasons. In such cases, hair loss isn’t only on particular areas, it can occur on the entire scalp.

Namely, hair transplant is not a proper option in female pattern hair loss.

What are the indications of hair transplant for women?

  • The women who have male pattern hair loss (such as a receeding hair line) usually involves the frontal and the upper part of the head. The hair on the back is stronger and has less tendency to fall.
  • Local hair loss: A patchy hair loss that happens suddenly on any part of the head due to an acute conditions or various diseases. If new follicles do not grow within one year, transplantation is helpful.
  • Wide forehead: The hairline settles higher than it should be due to the hair loss on the forehead area.

Especially for women, hair transplant without shaving is feasible. (Ref. Female hair restoration)

Are you a suitable candidate for hair transplant?

patient safety for hair transplantAll healthy, adult men and women who have a sufficient quantity of roots in the donor area between the two ears are suitable candidates for transplantation.

The candidates who have severe chronic disease, heart, vein, kidney disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, hemophilia, hemorrhage, clotting disorders are not suitable.

Hair transplant is applicable for women as well as for men. However, since women are not at risk of being genetically bald, it is a more common procedure in men than that in women.

I check the patient’s hair loss with a detailed analysis whether he or she is suitable for transplantation. If the examination reveals that the hair loss type is appropriate for transplantation and the quantity of the donor hair is sufficient, I would schedule an appointment.

What is FUE technique?

The FUE method is an abbreviation of “Folicular Unit Extraction”. FUE is a procedure in which the follicles are extracted individually from the area which contains more hair and then transferred to the area which contains less hair.

I harvest the follicular units to be transplanted first by specially designed instruments. After I have collected an adequate quantity of graft, I transfer the hair to their new places on the same session.

What is the advantage of the FUE method?

The most important advantage of the method is that the tiny incisions of the hair roots left after removal individually are not visible after healing. That is the procedure does not leave a mark.

In the FUE method, the punctures on the donor site heal in 24 to 48 hours. Because it does not leave any marks, this technique allows you to have short haircut options.

Hair PRP combined with hair transplant

Before starting the procedure, I always combine the PRP procedure, because your own blood plasma contains very rich growth factors. Growth factor injection on the recipient area makes the conditions more optimum for the adoption of the grafts.

Growth factors act as a nutrient and facilitate the hair follicles to fuse the scalp. PRP injection stimulates new vascular connections between the grafts and scalp. Therefore graft loss rate reduces, and you would get maximum benefit.

I recommend a minimum of four sessions following the transplantation with a one-month interval. The injections in this period nourish the hairs and make them stronger.

How do I perform hair transplant?

fue technique

Graft harvesting with FUE technique. The important detail which makes a difference as you can see on the image, the position of the graft harvester is parallel to the roots direction, not perpendicular to the skin surface.

Prior the procedure we will mark the hairline first. Defining the level and curvature of hairline is crucial.

I define the hairline level by assessing your current age. If you want your hairline below the proper level, it may not be suitable with your age.

On the other hand, I mark the hairline slightly curved, not straight.

These two criterias are essential to achieve the most natural hairline following the procedure.

In the beginning of the hair transplant procedure, the technician shaves the donor area in order to facilitate the collection of the hair roots. Following the shaving, I inject a local anaesthesia on the area where I will collect the roots.

Local anaesthetic ensures you not to feel pain during the transplantation.

At the first stage, I collect the roots. Then I make very tiny incisions on the region where I implant. Finally, I place the permanent roots into these incisions. (Ref. Hair transplantation: Basic overview)

Is hair transplant painful?

Hair transplant does not cause pain through the local anesthesia. Since the transplantation involves the superficial skin layers, it is a pretty safe procedure without any problem.

A skillful hand and the doctor’s surgical ability improve your comfort. It does not cause a side effect or health risk under the same conditions.

You may listen to music or watch TV for six to eight hours throughout the procedure.

I collect the hair roots from the donor site in the first stage. After the collection, I puncture the skin where the roots will be transferred in the second stage. Finally, I implant the collected grafts individually in the third stage.

How many grafts will you need?

single hair roots ready for hair transplant

Single hair roots ready to form the natural hairline

I collect the number of grafts in a session which varies between 1000 and 4500 grafts.

The quantity of the grafts depends on the present hair density of the donor area and the need of the recipient area.

Hair density of the donor area is the most influential factor upon the quality of the result.

While some grafts include a single root, the others may include 2 or 3 roots. Since each graft may include more than one root, up to 10.000 hair can be transplanted.

Collecting more than 4500 grafts lengthens the hair transplant procedure. Furthermore it leads to disrupt the optimal conditions which are necessary for blood circulation of the scalp.

If more than 4500 grafts are equired, it is better to have another transplant as a second stage after 6 months. Dividing into two session is safer for you.

If you need more than 3500 grafts, transplantation may take 2 days.

How is a natural hairline created in the hair transplant procedure?

I transplant the grafts including single hairs which are ideal for the creation of a natural hairline on the anterior part. The first 8-10 rows of the hairline should be created with the grafts that include a single root. This is very important in terms of hairline naturality. On the other hand, grafts including multiple hairs contribute the density behind the hairline. (Ref. Creating a hairline)

natural hairline after hair transplant

Single hair roots provide the most natural result on hairline as you can see the difference of Turkish hair transplant in Dubai.

Hair transplant before & after pictures

  • hair transplantation before after picture
  • hair transplantation before after picture
  • hair transplantation before after picture
  • hair transplantation before after picture
  • hair transplantation before after picture
  • hair transplantation before after picture


When will you see the ultimate result following the hair transplant?

Following the transplantation, the transplanted hair will fall in the first months. New baby hair will grow following the falling period. You will see the intended ultimate result 9 -12 months after hair transplant.

The things making the difference are that of the mastery of the surgeon and the attention in practice. For example, many issues such as:

  • The hairline design on the forehead with the recess at sides
  • The direction of the implanted hair
  • The forming a crown rooting at the top

are the critical points, otherwise your hair would look unnatural.


How is the recovery period?

A dry, flaky scalp and scabs occur after the procedure. From the second day, you should wash your head every day. The crusting falls by washing day by day and disappears in 10 days.

You can resume casual life by wearing a hat 4-5 days later during this period.

Hair transplant growth chart

How should you care following the procedure?

After the transplantation, there will be no crusting on the implanted area.

The first two days are the healing period of the implanted hair. In this period there is no need to do anything apart from what I advise. On the third day, you should wash your head as I will explain.

You should wash your head once a day for 10 days. Therefore the implanted area looks more clear day by day.

As the healing process of both areas is over within two weeks there will be no visible marks on the head.

Will the new hair be permanent?

patient satisfaction rate after hair transplant

Patient satisfaction rate after the procedure

60-70% of the transplanted hair will fall 3 weeks after the procedure. However roots will remain intact inside.

The new baby hair will appear 8-12 weeks later, and starts to grow again. The growing process lasts 1 year.

It is the best time to evaluate the result of the hair transplant 10-12 months after the procedure.

As the new hair first starts to come out, it gradually gets thicker and closer to the thickness you had before.

Following the transplantation, you do not need special care. After growing process completion, shortening, shaping, dying are feasible. The transplanted hair will last forever.

Turkish hair transplant with FUE technique without shaving

The sole difference in this method, in which the same steps are followed by the standard FUE method, is the process of transferring the hair without shaving. This alternative way is feasible for any suitable candidate as a result of the examination.

However, you should not forget that the procedure without shaving will take longer than the procedure with the shaved one. There is also a risk loss of up to 10% on implants for long hair.

After a detailed examination, I will let you know whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplant without shaving or not.

Why do people travel Turkey for hair transplant?

turkish hair transplant in dubaiNot only plastic surgery, but also hair transplant has developed in Turkey for 20-25 years. Thanks to medical tourism, thousands of patients travelled to Turkey for healthcare service. Increased requests urged the healthcare professionals to fulfill the service. The number of the facilities and qualified professionals had increased within 3-5 years.

Selected talented technicians had been trained and grown their skills. Consequently, Turkey became a focus of medical tourism within a short while. Qualified medical professionals, the quality of healthcare service and also the cost of the hair transplant in Turkey attract the oversea patients.

However, post operative follow up is the most considerable issue for oversea patients. Many problems have been experienced because of the lack of follow up. I myself experienced such problems as a doctor when I worked in Turkey.

Lack of follow up and instant communication are really an issue. Sometimes remote follow up may not be efficient. Doctors may need close observation.

Now you will have the same Turkish hair transplant in Dubai with that of in Turkey. With the close follow up guarantee following transplantation, you will feel much safer.




Checklist before having hair transplant in Dubai, UAE

IMPORTANT ! Before getting the appointment, check your medical conditions yourself.

How much does an hair transplant cost in Dubai, UAE?

Hair transplant costs in Dubai vary depend on how large area needs transplantation. In my practice hair transplant price: 15,000 AED ($4,100). 15,00 AED is the starting price, and rises up to 20.000 AED ($5.500) depending on the graft number.

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