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As a Turkish plastic surgeon in Dubai, UAE, here I will share my professional knowledge and personal experience about the problems that arising from genital organs, surgical solution methods and more… You will also have an idea regarding the genital surgery prices in Dubai, UAE.

Do you need the best genital surgeon in Dubai, UAE?

Everyone would like their doctor to be the best genital surgeon. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE.

However, the best genital surgeon is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the surgeon whom you really trust is the best.

If you plan to have genital surgery in Dubai, UAE and need professional support, feel free to contact.

Genital surgery simplified

Local anesthesia usually provides sufficient numbness. However, additional sedation or general anesthesia are the other options.
1 hour.
You may leave the hospital on the same day.
Swelling, bruising and mild pain on the genital are concomitant in the first few days.
No need.
1-2 days.
10,000 – 18,000 AED. Price varies depending on the procedure and anesthesia type.

What will cosmetic genital surgery provide you?

Many people think that cosmetic surgery consists of nose surgery, breast surgery, facelift surgery and body reshaping. Whereas, cosmetic procedures are not limited to those. Cosmetic genital surgery, which many people do not know because of not talked about much, have become widespread in recent years.

Thanks to the advancement of the genital surgery techniques, the solutions of cosmetic vaginal problems related to female genitalia have developed. Thus, women are aware of to get rid of such problems which cause psychologic discomfort, loss of self-esteem, sexual disorder for years.

The goal is to reveal the happy woman who wants to improve the quality of their sexual life.  The question is “How?”. The answer is “By improving the sexual functions and the ruined psychological status of women who are not happy with their genital organs”.

The women who are seeking a solution have been increasing. Fortunately, developing modern surgical procedure techniques of genital surgery make the faces of women are now smiling.

Do you know the importance of genital surgery?

patient safety for genital surgeryIn terms of genital surgery, the aesthetic value of the female genitalia is much more important than what thought. Perceiving that you are loved by your partner also has a place in your sexual life.

Cosmetic concerns of a genital organ usually lead to mental problems as well that impact the relations between the couples. Therefore, contemporary women may need medical support to take a more active role in sexual life.

Those all highlight the importance of genital cosmetic surgery.

Why do you need cosmetic genital surgery?

There are many aesthetic problems of women who are reluctant to sex or unpleasant of sexual intercourse. Such concerns urge women to seek genital surgery.

One of the most important reasons of underlying is aesthetic concerns about their genital organ. Especially after the vaginal delivery, vagina enlarges. Enlarged vagina prevents both women and their partners to gain gratification during sexual intercourse.

In addition, women may have health problems such as urinary incontinence due to the enlarged vagina.

Most common aesthetic concern is a large and protuberant appearance of vaginal inner labia (labia minora, labium minus). Women who feel that their genital organ looks unattractive have severe headache. They avoid showing naked up to their partners, as well as even wearing bikinis or tight pants.

Consequently, psychological problems such as estrangement of sexual intercourse or obsession emerge by the time. However, the self-confidence is essential for continuity of healthy and happy relationship.

cosmetic approach to genital surgery

Artistic Perspective To Genital Surgery

Just as every person has his or her unique face shape and appearance, every woman also has her unique vagina and genitalia appearance. How a person’s face may or may not resemble another person, likewise, a woman’s vagina and genital organ may or may not resemble another woman’s genital organ.

However, as with the face, I as a plastic surgeon can describe the aesthetically beautiful genital organ as considering the common points that assumed to distinguish the what the beautiful is.

Overall View of Female Genitalia

Female cosmetic genital surgery requires that a surgeon have an ability of artistic perspective.

When taking a look at the naked body standing with the legs closed, only the pubic protuberance (mons pubis) and the outer borders of the outer labium are visible at the genital area.

The mons pubis and the hair on this region which locate on the groin triangle above the genital organ, are the most prominent formations at first glance.

The pubic hair should be clean, well-groomed and never as longer as to conceal the aesthetic values of the genital organ. The hair should be as short as allow us to see and distinguish the outer labium. Longer hair shadows its beauty.

When taking a look at the groin area, natural anatomical fullness that makes a soft protrusion outward providing the genitalia its unique characteristics is visible. Pubic triangle should never be fat, plump and as saggy as to mask its natural curve. The skin should also be tight.

When taking a look at the genital organ from the same viewpoint, outer labium draw the attention first. The pose of the outer labium on both sides in contact with each other by making a slight notching in the middle line looks very nice.

The size and shape of the vaginal labium influences the appearance of genital organ. Both outer labium must be of equal size and level with each other, and the inner labium of the vagina should not be visible to achieve this view.

A Close Look To The Female Genitalia

Although female genital anatomy has pretty wide variations, the major structures should look harmonious after undergoing genital surgery.

Outer labium (Labia Majora)

When the genital organ viewed closer, the color of the labia majora should be almost the same as the overall body color and also should be no color difference in itself.

Regarding the size and shape of the genital organ, the ratio of width/length should range between 1/2 and 2/3 as assuming the front, back and side borders are rectangular. The outer labia should not be as too fat and chubby as to exceed outwards too much, however should not be too weak and thin either. Namely, should be as just enough in fullness as to show up themselves, no more. The skin should be tight without sagging, loosening, or wrinkles.

The inner edges of the labia majora continue upwards; then they should merge each other above the clitoris. Especially in outer labium which are thin and weak, sometimes the inner edges of the labia majora do not merge above the clitoris and extend towards pubis parallel to each other. In such a formation, genital organ looks as if there were third outer labia with the middle clitoral hood lying between the inner edge of the non-merging outer labium which is not familiar for the eye.

Both the size and the shape of the labia majora are the keys to designing genital surgery.

Inner Labium (Labia Minora)

Two main factors influence the vaginal inner labia aesthetics: The first is color, and the latter is size.

Ideally, the color of the labia minora of the vagina should be the same as the other parts of the genital organ. This attribute is not seen in the vast majority of women. Usually, the edge part of the labia minora is darker. Especially due to the pigmentation during the pregnancy, the color of the genital organ permanently darkens in most women. The lucky minority of them regains its old color.

The size and shape of the labia minora are another influential elements. The size of both inner labium should be the same, and they should not exceed the border of the outer labia. A few millimeters of exceeding is within acceptable limits. However, when the inner labium protrude beyond this limit, they create an unpleasant appearance.

Both the color and size of the labia minora are the determinants of genital surgery indication.


Another formation that influencing genital organ aesthetics is the clitoris.

The shape and size of the clitoris are different in every woman. Clitoris, since it is usually 3-4 mm in diameter does not exceed the border of outer labium as if showing respect the aesthetic criterions unconsciously. Therefore, clitoris is not a subject of cosmetic genital surgery. However in case of over-growth of clitoris (cliteromegaly) reconstructive techniques of genital surgery may require.

And finally, the formations such as urethral opening and hymen that take place on the genital organ are negligible in terms of aesthetic view and genital surgery.

Which Surgical Procedures Are Intended For Women Genital Surgery In Dubai, UAE?

You may get more specific information regarding your concern as clicking on the links below:

What is genital reconstruction surgery?

Due to the congenital malformations or trauma, the anatomical formation of the genital organ may look abnormal. Besides cosmetic procedures, genital reconstruction surgery aims to achieve an aesthetically acceptable appearance as restoring the female genitalia as well as sexual functions. Such genital reconstructive procedures take substantial place in the plastic surgery field.



As per Dubai Health Authority rules, if you had planned to have a genital surgery in Dubai, you had to do a COVID test before the genital surgery in Dubai hospitals. However, according to the recent update, patients no longer have to do a covid test.

Checklist Before Having Genital Surgery in Dubai, UAE

IMPORTANT ! Before getting the appointment, check your medical conditions yourself.

How much does a cosmetic genital surgery surgery cost in Dubai, UAE?

Genital surgery costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic and depend on which surgery you need and its variations. In my practice, genital surgery price: 10,000 – 18,000 AED, varies depending on which procedure you need.

The price includes surgeon fee, hospitalization expenses, medicines and consumables used in the hospital.

Full list of plastic surgery prices


Get ready to look and feel best with genital surgery… You deserve…

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