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Welcome to Dr. Nazmi Baycin’s P Shot (Priapus Shot) in Dubai

As a Turkish plastic surgeon in Dubai, UAE, here I will share my professional knowledge and personal experience about the solution of men’s sexual erectile dysfunction and erection problems. Also you will find out how the P Shot can lead to a more potent erection, more sensual pleasure, and increased penis size, the natural way for penis augmentation, and more… You will also have an idea regarding the P Shot prices in Dubai, UAE.

Do you need the best erectile dysfunction doctor in Dubai, UAE?

Everyone would like their doctor to be the best erectile dysfunction doctor. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE.

However, the best erectile dysfunction doctor is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the doctor whom you really trust is the best.

If you plan to have the P Shot in Dubai, UAE and need professional support, feel free to contact.

Is P Shot the next generation of erectile dysfunction treatment?

According to most men, their most important organ is the penis. Proper function of the penis has a significant role in their sexual life. However, concerns about penis size, erection issues including difficulty achieving or maintaining become a nightmare for a man. Erectile dysfunction problems affect men’s self-esteem and lead to serious emotional depression.

From adolescence to andropause in any age, a man may experience sexual dysfunction arising from various causes. Most common sexual dysfunction among the men is erection failure or the inability to maintain the erection and penis size.

Decreased level of testosterone, alcohol consumption, diabetes, some medicines such as antidepressants as well as psychological status may cause erectile dysfunction.

Now, thanks to the procedure, men have an hopelight for their sexual issues. The procedure is a kind of plasma injection to the penis.

The term of P Shot is shortened version of the Priapus Shot. Priapus is an antient Greek God representing masculine power. That is why this procedure is called as P Shot.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction may not arise from a single cause. Usually, multiple factors with variable rates are influential upon erectile dysfunction. Therefore the result of the treatment varies from patient to patient.

What should you expect after the treatment?

Nobody promises that you will achieve 100% full power of an erection. However, for sure, the erection power will be better than the current situation after the Priapus Shot. How much you will benefit depends on the underlying reason(s) and your body response.

What are the effects of P Shot?

Injection material contains very rich growth factors as well as nutrients and bioactive proteins. Those substances activate cellular regeneration and tissue repair.

Cellular regeneration:

  • Leads to tissue growth
  • Enriches capillary vessels which ensure more blood flow
  • Improves nerve function which increases skin sensitivity

As a result:

  • Increased blood flow causes more a potent and stronger erection
  • Increased sensitivity causes easier to achieve and maintain the erection and also more sensual pleasure
  • Increased tissue growth contributes to an enlarged penis size


  • Contributes to straightening of penile curvature in Peyronie’s Disease
  • Alleviates the pain in men who suffer pain during erection

All effects together improve your sexual activity as to how you desire.

How does the P Shot work in erectile dysfunction treatment?

The main effect of the procedure is on the erection. The vast majority of my patients who have been having treatment have wanted to achieve a stronger erection. You may notice an increase in the size of the penis secondary to tissue regeneration.

I received feed-back from some of my patients who had treatment for erectile dysfunction. They stated that they noticed an improvement of nocturnal ejaculation and premature ejaculation problems as well.

Can the P Shot correct a crooked penis due to Peyronie’s Disease?

Currently, there is no non-surgical method that can correct Peyronie’s Disease 100%. Present non-surgical methods individually provide partial improvement with variable rates ranging between 10% to 40%. However, with the P Shot combination, the total effect will be greater than the sum of their separate effects.

How is the P Shot procedure?

The nurse takes a particular amount of blood from your arm. Centrifuge machine isolates the platelets of your blood. Then the plasma including the platelets would be ready for injection. After, I inject the plasma into the particular points of the erectile tissue of your penis. It will take about 30 minutes from beginning to end.

p shot procedure diagram

Diagram of the P Shot procedure in erectile dysfunction treatment

Is the Priapus Shot painful?

Actually, the penis is very sensitive organ. Even a little needle causes severe pain. Therefore I will apply local anesthesia to achieve full numbness prior the procedure. Then you will feel no pain as long as the procedure takes.

When will you see the result following the procedure?

Once the growth factors are injected into the penis, microscopic tissue regeneration mechanism starts to act. Significant tissue growth, reflecting on your performance takes time. Therefore you will see the result a couple of months after the procedure.

Is the procedure safe, what are the side effects?

P Shot is a pretty safe procedure. Since the injection source is your body material, the procedure does not lead to any side effects or allergic reactions. Sometimes temporary bruising due to the needling during the injection will resolve in 4-5 days.

How often should you have the P Shot to improve erectile dysfunction?

P Shot therapy is one session therapy. However, there is no limitation both medically and technically for you to have therapy multiple times. If you are willing to have more therapy arbitrarily, you may have it once a year.

Is the P Shot useful for penis augmentation?

patient satisfaction rate after p shot treatment

Satisfaction rate of the treatment for erectile dysfunction

Do not forget that the P Shot likely contributes to penis size increment, however, it is not a primary penis augmentation procedure.

It is fact that growth factors of the platelets stimulates tissue growth. Therefore you may expect increase in the penis size secondary to tissue growth which depends on your body response. However, do not expect such a significant increase in penis size 20% or 30%.

When can you have sexual intercourse after the injection?

You can resume normal life immediately after the procedure. Also you may even have sexual intercourse on the same day just after you get rid of numbness of the penis due to the local anesthesia.




How much does a P Shot cost in Dubai for erectile dysfunction treatment?

P Shot costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic. In my practice: P Shot price: 5,000 AED ($1,350).

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Get ready to look and feel best… You deserve…

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    1. There are still some real doctors out there, despite the fact that there are lot of scammers out there that claim to be doctors. I got my penis improved with the help of Dr. Nazmi, and he also provided remedy for premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, I haven’t been able to satisfy my wife since I got married. So luckily I found him, so I decided to contact him and explain to him my own present predicament, and he promised to help me out, I thought he was trying to take advantage of me and just get my money because I have lost a lot of money in the past trying to get over this problem, but to my greatest surprise, he actually provided a solution for me as we agreed. If there is anyone here that need remedy to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, kindly contact him and be a happy man and woman, make your wife or girl friend happy.

    2. I had a P Shot treatment 10 days ago for erectile dysfunction with Dr Nazmi. I am very happy to observe results in just 10 days. I feel my penis is growing thicker during the time of intercourse. I am expecting better performance in a period of one to two months.


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