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From Burj Khalifa to Dubai Mall, Burj El-Arab to Dubai Marina, Dubai become a model of modernity, luxury, and prosperity. This is why you should be in the world’s fastest developing and flourishing centers in the world first of all. For all its glory, Dubai has already emerged as one of the best tourism destinations all around the world. Apart from that, Dubai has turned into one of the best health tourism hot spots. High-level treatments and care facilities and medical tourism centers here have transformed the United Arab Emirates into a great medical tourism hub.

VIP Services

I am well aware of how important new beginnings and changes are to you. That is why I would like to take you on an extraordinary journey from A to Z. I offer my 20 years of experience in this field while being located in Dubai to listen to you, understand you, welcome you in the best way, and do what is best for you.

With my specialisation in the most advanced cosmetic procedures, you will be in the hands of a well-known expert. In recent years, dozens of celebrities and VIPs have been visiting Dubai to have cosmetic surgery. They begin their journey here reaching their maximum potential. Relaxed and rejuvenated, ready to take over the world.

From HD Rhinoplasty technique to cosmetic genital procedures, from face transformation to body contouring, I carry out extreme surgeries. This is why I offer an excellent VIP plastic surgery service not only from the United Arab Emirates but also to the most important names in the world.

Exclusive and just for you…

Once you have determined that you wish to proceed with the proposed surgery, the scheduling process begins. The first day will be spent in our office covering physical examination, pre and post-operative instructions, and review and signing of all consents. When the appointment is agreed, I will perform the surgery with my team. In many cases, patients are required to spend that evening in a post-operative care facility. This will ensure that the patient is comfortable and properly attended to, for the first day following surgery.

I recommend my special guests stay in Dubai approximately 7 -10 days. Depending on the amount of surgery performed, this length of stay may be adjusted; however, it is important to allow for the proper time to ensure a healthy and safe recovery.

I want your trip home to be a pleasant one, and that means following all of our guidelines. Your post-op visits will be concentrated into the required length-of-stay. In the event that you may feel a need for medical assistance after returning home, we are available to refer you to your local physician for check-ups. Your health and safety will remain our number one priority.

vip plastic surgery service in hotel atlantis
vip plastic surgery service in burj al arab

VIP accommodation

When you fly-in with with my VIP program, me and my team strive to make this as easy as possible for you. We will take care of booking all of your accommodations, from booking your hotel to arranging a limo to transport you between your hotel and our office.

From details about travel visa requirements to hotel deals, my team will work gladly to make you or your family feel at home. Like all my VIP patients, you will have an excellent experience in the best hotels of top-notch standards such as Burj Al-Arab, Atlantis Hotel. From your arrival to your transfer, your stay at the hotel to your operation, and after rest, we welcome you in the highest and most luxurious way.

Where the patients coming from

  • patients coming from russia and bahrain
  • patients coming from saudi arabia and uk
  • patients coming from qatar and usa

The clinic

While visiting my clinic, I aim to indulge your senses with the beautiful decor, warm color scheme, comfortable lighting, tranquil music, and nurturing staff.

By combining cutting edge technology with time honored techniques, you can be sure that you are getting the most up-to-date customised care with the use of electronic medical records, touch screen HD TV’s, secured remote access to your records, and a fully-integrated surgical suite. Your discreetness and privacy are our business.

Your information is never shared. We value and protect your privacy.

vip patient room
vip surgical theater

Feel new, and refreshed

By combining art and experience with the latest technology, I open new doors with a special experience that is just exclusive to you.

Please contact me to receive information regarding the procedure you would like to have and accommodation options.

Before planning the travel, you will need to get a medical clearance report to have surgery.

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