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As a Turkish plastic surgeon in Dubai, UAE, here I will share my professional knowledge and personal experience about endoscopic brow lift surgery, recovery after procedure, tips to avoid unwanted results, risks, complications and side effects of procedure, brow lift before and after pictures and more… You will also have an idea regarding the brow lift prices in Dubai, UAE.

Do you need the best brow lift surgeon in Dubai, UAE?

Everyone would like their doctor to be the best brow lift surgeon. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE.

However, the best brow lift surgeon is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the surgeon whom you really trust is the best.

If you plan to have brow lift in Dubai, UAE and need professional support, feel free to contact.

Brow lift simplified

Local anesthesia. However, additional sedation or general anesthesia are also other options if you request.
1 hour.
No need for hospitalization.
Mild pain, swelling and bruising around the eyes are concomitant in the first few days.
No need.
No downtime.
15,000 AED.

Why do you need brow lift?

Brow lift corrects the negative expression resulting from the position of the eyebrows. Therefore your face looks more vivid, younger, and more self-confident.

As we age, the tissues loosen, and the eyebrows begin to sag with the effect of gravity. The changes in the shape of the eyebrows show an expression that is angry, hard, tired, sad, depressed, old, and unconfident.

Eyebrows are an important value in terms of facial aesthetics, as they are positioned above your eyes. Appearance of eyebrows reflects your mood via your looks.

Fashion trends have also switched the ideal eyebrow position, shape, thickness, sharpness, low or high orientation over the years. Until recently, the ideal eyebrow designs which are curved began to be replaced by flatter eyebrows.

It is also crucial that the eyebrows are not only their beauty but also to reveal the beauty of the eyes and not to suppress them. Therefore, planning the procedure according to the details that you wish are considered.

Where will I perform the procedure?

patient safety for brow liftJoint Commission International (JCI) works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by offering education, publications, advisory services, and international accreditation and certification. It is the recognized global leader in healthcare accreditation with the highest standards built on maximum safety and minimum risk.

There are a couple of hospital options that I affiliated with, which accredited by JCI. I will perform your surgery at either one of the distinguished, cutting edge hospitals in Dubai. You may opt for one during the consultation.

How will I perform classical brow lift?

This is the first technique used for brow lift and has still being used commonly.

I cut the skin 3-4 cm in length on the hairline or just beyond the hairline. After the skin incision, I free the soft tissues towards the brow level from the underlying bone. Thus, the released skin, together with the brows, can easily be lifted.

I usually remove ellipse-shaped skin to achieve extra tightening as well. Skin removal also provides permanency. When I obtain the desired position of brows, then I close the skin incision with hidden stitches.

How will I perform endoscopic brow lift?

The endoscopic brow lift is feasible alone or in combination with forehead lift surgery and/or eyelid surgery.

In selected patients, during the upper eyelid surgery, the brow can also be lifted through the eyelid incision without extra incision. It is a better option to choose forehead lift for patients who have also eyebrow droop.

If there is no sagging in the eyebrows and only side parts need to be lifted, forehead lift is not necessary. In such cases eyebrow lifting alone provides the desired result.

During the endoscopic brow lift, I incise a few centimeters of skin beyond the hairline, on the direction we want to lift. Through the incision, I position the endoscopic camera inside. By the camera vision, I elevate the tissue overlying the bone above the eyebrows. Camera vision ensures detailed vision of all anatomical structures. This is great advantage. Thus I can easily preserve even tiny nerves and vessels in the surgical area without damage. After I free the entire soft tissue from the underlying bone, I fix the skin by lifting upward. I can also adjust the brow position during the procedure. When I achieve the proper brow position, then I close the skin incisions.

I always close the skin with absorbable hidden stitches. Therefore the stitches will not need removal. Hidden stitching technique also provides less surgical marks. (Ref. The endoscopic brow lift)

What are the pros & cons of incision locations?

endoscopic brow lift incisions

Incision locations

Skin incision, although it is not noticeable leaves a mark inevitably. In brow lift surgery, there are two options for skin incision location: either on the hairline or beyond the hairline.

Here I will explain the pros and cons of both incision locations…

The surgery is basically to lift and to suspend the skin above the brows upward. The suspension is ensured by anchor sutures.

Let’s say the incision location is anchor point. The distance between the anchor point and the brow is an influential factor upon the lifting effect. As the distance becomes closer, the more lifted the effects show. That is a basic principle of physics.

  • Incision beyond the hairline: Leaves a mark on the hairy area, thus the hair hides the surgical mark. Since the anchor point is relatively away from the brows, the lifting potential is relatively less as compared with that of the incision on the hairline.
  • Incision on the hairline: Leaves the mark on the hairline, therefore the hair may not cover the mark when you knot your hair. Since the anchor point is relatively closer to the brows, the lifting potential is relatively higher as compared with that of the incision beyond the hairline.

As a conclusion, if you want a more lifting effect, the hair may not hide the surgical mark. If you want your hair to hide the surgical mark following the procedure, the lifting effect would be relatively less.

Endoscopic brow lift before and after pictures

  • brow lift before after picture
  • brow lift before after picture
  • brow lift before after picture

How is the recovery period after brow lift?

You can return home on the same day.

Usually, the procedure requires local anesthesia with sedation. If any other procedure is necessary at the same time, general anesthesia may be required.

You will feel minimal discomfort after the procedure, so you can return to your routine life immediately.

In the first days, swelling and bruising will occur around the eyes. However they will disappear themselves within one week.

How will you feel yourself after the procedure?

recovery period of endoscopic brow lift surgery

Diagram shows, how you will feel yourself emotionally during the recovery period after brow lift. The effect of the surgery may impair your emotional status. However, as time goes on, you will recover and get rid of surgical effects; and eventually, you will gain your confidence back.

When can you return your usual life?

You will be able to take a shower 2 days after the procedure.

I always stitch the skin with absorbable and hidden sutures, so you will not feel stitch removal stress.

Since the skin incision is located beyond the hairline, surgical scars also remain hidden in the hair. Scars remain not visible when viewed from the outside.

Through the endoscopic brow lift surgery, you will have a younger look, a more vivid and impressive appearance.

What are the risks and complications of brow lift?

patient satisfaction rate after brow lift

Patient satisfaction rate after the procedure

The complication rates of brow lift surgery are the compilation of medical literature data. That does not mean you will experience all those complications.

Since the scalp has a very high density of hair, even a small incision damages some hair roots inevitably. Local hair loss on the surgical mark may occur due to hair root damage. However, the surrounding hair covers the surgical mark.

Local nerves may be affected during surgical manipulation resulting in temporary numbness or sensation changes that will recover in 1-2 months. Skin sensation changes around the surgical area is not a real complication that may occur after all surgical procedures, as it reverses back spontaneously.

Since the scalp area has a very rich vascular network, it oxygenizes well. Hence, infection is not an expected complication after the surgery. Also, antibiotic medication minimizes the infection risk.

Rarely imperceptible asymmetries between the left and right sides may occur. (Ref. Complications of the forehead-brow lift)



Checklist before having brow lift in Dubai, UAE

IMPORTANT ! Before getting the appointment, check your medical conditions yourself.

How much does a brow lift surgery cost in Dubai, UAE?

Endoscopic brow lift costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic and depend on anesthesia type and other factors. I usually prefer endoscopic technique. In my practice, brow lift prices: 15,000 AED ($4,100).

The price includes surgeon fee, blood tests, hospitalization expenses, medicines and consumables used in the hospital. Upon your request, deep sedation or general anesthesia options are subject to extra payment.

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