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As a Turkish plastic surgeon in Dubai, UAE, here I will share my professional knowledge and personal experience about gynecomastia causes and gynecomastia surgery. Also, you will find out the best surgical techniques, recovery period, tips to avoid unwanted results, risks and complications and more… You will also have an idea regarding the gynecomastia surgery prices in Dubai, UAE.

Do you need the best gynecomastia surgeon in Dubai, UAE?

Everyone would like their doctor to be the best gynecomastia surgeon. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE.

However, the best gynecomastia surgeon is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the surgeon whom you really trust is the best.

If you plan to have gynecomastia surgery in Dubai, UAE and need professional support, feel free to contact.

Gynecomastia surgery simplified

General anesthesia.
1-2 hours.
Usually you may leave the hospital on the same day. However following the extensive gynecomastia surgery, you should stay overnight.
Mild pain, swelling and bruising on the chest area are concomitant in the first week.
No need.
2-5 days.
Starts from 18,000 AED, and raises for the extensive gynecomastia cases.

Why do you need gynecomastia surgery?

The overgrowth of the male breast is called gynecomastia. It may occur on both sides or it may occur on one breast.

Although some medications, hormones and medical problems are related to overgrowth of the male breast, certain reasons why the majority of the patients are triggered is unknown.

Breast consists of 2 main tissues: fat tissue and mammary glands. Authors classify the cases according to the increase in these tissues. Surgeons determine the treatment method accordingly.

In glandular gynecomastia, over-growth of mammary glands occurs.

In adipose gynecomastia fat tissue over-growth occurs.

Both fat and mammary glands over-growth occur in mixed types.

Gynecomastia surgery reduces the breast size. Also it provides a lifelong satisfying result and improves your confidence.

What are the gynecomastia causes?

Hormones, primarily estrogen and progesterone, which are female hormones, promote the biological development of breast tissue. The male hormones suppress the effects of estrogen on the breast tissue. The cause is the imbalance between the effects of these hormones on the breast tissue, in adolescence.

Conditions that lead to the decrease in the level of testosterone, such as the congenital Klinefelter Syndrome, the removal of testicles, conditions causing increase in estrogen level such as testicular tumors, suprarenal tumors, obesity, renal failure, hemodialysis, thyroid hormone imbalance, liver tumors, alcohol, cimetidine, amphetamine, marijuana, tricyclic antidepressants, anabolic steroids used in bodybuilding, and also drug abuse may be the reason.

Gynecomastia occurs up to 40% in boys aged 10-16 years and peaks up to 65% in the highest growth period.

Scientific data showed that over-grown breast tissue regresses spontaneously in 27% of cases within one year, 77% of cases within two years. However, 4% of case persists until adulthood that require gynecomastia surgery.

Gynecomastia occurs in 50-60% of males during adolescence, persists for 1-2 years; 75% of those in two years, and 90% of those in three years regress completely.

Increasing the fat ratio in the body may result in an increase of the breast mass due to the progression of age and the alteration of the hormonal balance between the ages of 50 and 80 years. (Ref. Evaluation and management of gynecomastia)

What will I aim in gynecomastia surgery?

My objective is to make you happy by achieving a more acceptable chest form that looks more masculine without a surgical mark. So, redundant fat removal and loose skin tightening will improve your body image and restore your self-confidence.

Some patients seek a solution as they experienced a failed gynecomastia surgery before. Over-correction or under-correction are the most common complaint of the patients consulting me. Sometimes, their corrective surgery challenges are even more complex than the primary surgery. Therefore your first surgery is crucial. The goal is to achieve the best outcome in a single shot.

Where will I perform your gynecomastia surgery?

patient safety for gynecomastia surgeryJoint Commission International (JCI) works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by offering education, publications, advisory services, and international accreditation and certification. It is the recognized global leader in healthcare accreditation with the highest standards built on maximum safety and minimum risk.

There are a couple of hospital options that I affiliated with, which accredited by JCI. I will perform your surgery at either one of the distinguished, cutting edge hospitals in Dubai. You may opt for one during the consultation.

Which treatment methods are used for male breast reduction?

The method of the treatment depends on the age of the patient. By the way, do not forget that it may likely regress spontaneously within 1-2 years in adolescence without gynecomastia surgery.

In adolescence, medical treatment can help under the control of an endocrinologist in advanced cases. If there is an underlying reason such as thyroid, liver or kidney disease, or drug abuse, a specialist doctor should try first the treatment for the underlying reason.

If you are older than adolescence age and still have over-sized breasts without an underlying cause, the treatment option is only surgery. Unfortunately, sports or diet programs are not helpful for treatment or correction.

Which anesthesia type is necessary for gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery requires whether local or local anesthesia supported with deep sedation. General anesthesia is also another option upon your request. We will decide the type of the anesthesia type mutually according to its degree.

If breast mass involves in a limited area, local anesthesia is a good option. When it extends to a larger area, local anesthesia may not be sufficient, and deep sedation or general anesthesia is better.

Surgery takes 45 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the technique and fat amount.

How will I perform gynecomastia surgery for male breast reduction?

I determine the technique regarding the involved tissue, the size of the breast mass, and skin elasticity.

Liposuction (fat removal) is the most common procedure for gynecomastia in which the fat is accumulated in particular areas of the body. I remove the fat by vacuuming with a fine cannula that can enter through a small hole. In order to reduce bleeding, I infiltrate a tumescent solution into the breasts at the beginning of the procedure. Through the effect of tumescent solution, bleeding minimizes during the surgery. Furthermore, the solution also reduces the pain after the procedure as well. 3-4 mm cuts on the skin are enough to introduce the cannula inside. I suction the fat tissue by inserting the cannula through the incision into the breast. 3-4 mm cuts on the skin heal without a noticeable mark.

In case of overgrown breasts, when the tissues of the breasts are reduced, the skin surface does not fit to the reduced breast volume. That causes skin abundance and loosening. In such cases, I remove the excess skin for tightening. However surgical wounds leave a light scar if skin tightening is necessary.

Gynecomastia surgery with Vaser liposuction

Vaser liposuction methods are the latest technology in gynecomastia surgery. This technique releases sound waves that break down fat cells and mammary glands.

In glandular type that mammary gland needs to be removed. Both the fat tissue and the mammary glands can be removed as liquefying the tissue without skin incision and resulting in surgical scars. Vaser liposuction heat the skin up with the released energy. Thus, the skin shrinks and tightens following the surgery.

Thanks to this advantage of gynecomastia surgery, especially in people with skin excess, vaser techniques provide a satisfactory outcome without creating a surgical scar. (Ref. Ultrasonic liposuction in the treatment of gynecomastia)

How is the recovery period after gynecomastia surgery?

gynecomastia surgery garment

You should wear a gynecomastia surgery garment for 3 weeks.

You will be able to leave the hospital on the same day.

Mild pain is concomitant after gynecomastia surgery and can easily be controlled with pain killers, so, you will not have any discomfort with the pain.

Almost all my patients ask me when they will be able to begin daily activities. No need to ask me. When you attempt to do something, just listen to your body. Your body will already say “Go on” or “Stop”. Then you can limit your activities yourself accordingly.

After 2 days, you can take a shower.

You should wear a corset wrapped around the chest for 3 weeks following the gynecomastia surgery. The corset makes pressure and ensures the skin to conform to your body, and also reduces the swelling after surgery.

After recovery process which takes 3-4 days, you will be able to return to work life. Also, you will be able to travel 2 days after the procedure.

You may experience swelling and bruising which will disappear spontaneously within a few weeks on the breast area following gynecomastia surgery.

The actual shape of your breasts will appear after 2 months.

How will you feel yourself after the gynecomastia surgery?

recovery period of gynecomastia surgery

Diagram shows, how you will feel yourself emotionally during the recovery period. The effect of the surgery may impair your emotional status. However, as time goes on, you will recover and get rid of surgical effects; and eventually, you will gain your confidence back.

What are the risks and complications of gynecomastia surgery?

patient satisfaction rate after gynecomastia surgery

Patient satisfaction rate after the surgery

The complication rates of gynecomastia surgery are the compilation of medical literature data. The rates may vary depending on the patient’s medical conditions, skin elasticity and current breast size. That does not mean you will experience all those complications.

Although minor risks may occur after all surgeries, gynecomastia surgery has no serious risk.

Hematoma (blood collection inside the wound) may occur after en-bloc fat removal in severe gynecomastia cases, however meticulous bleeding control during the surgery prevents hematoma.

Infection risk is rare and antibiotic medication minimizes the infection rate.

Inadequate or unequal fat removal may lead to asymmetries that need correction after the surgery.



Checklist before having gynecomastia surgery in Dubai, UAE

IMPORTANT ! Before getting the appointment, check your medical conditions yourself.

How much does a gynecomastia surgery cost in Dubai, UAE?

Gynecomastia surgery costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic and depend on the surgical technique choose. In my practice, starting gynecomastia surgery price: 18,000 AED ($4,900) with vaser liposuction method. The price may rise depending on the skin reduction necessity and complexity of the procedure.

The cost includes surgeon fee, blood tests, hospitalization expenses, gynecomastia garment, medicines and consumables used in the hospital. Deep sedation or general anesthesia options are subject to extra payment.

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