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As a Turkish plastic surgeon in Dubai, UAE, here I will share my professional knowledge and personal experience about pubic lift, best surgical techniques, recovery after procedure, tips to avoid unwanted results, risks and complications of the procedure and more… You will also have an idea regarding the pubic lift prices in Dubai, UAE.

Do you need the best pubic surgeon in Dubai, UAE?

Everyone would like their doctor to be the best pubic surgeon. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai, UAE.

However, the best pubic lift surgeon is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the surgeon whom you really trust is the best.

If you plan to have pubic lift in Dubai, UAE and need professional support, feel free to contact.

Pubic lift simplified

General anesthesia.
1 hour.
You may leave the hospital on the same day.
Mild pain on the pubis in the first 1-2 days.
No need.
1-2 days.
18,000 AED.

Why do you need pubic surgery?

The triangle shaped region which is located above the genital organ and between the right and left groin line is the pubis.

The effects of aging also occur in the pubic region as a matter of course, like the other parts of the body. In a young woman, the pubic area should look tight and flat without sagging when standing naked.

Weight gain, pregnancy, and fat tissue atrophy due to the aging lead the pubis to loosen and descent because of poor elasticity.

As a result, pubis appears lax, loose and droopy. Thanks to pubic lift, the groin area looks like you are in your 20’s.

Although loosening of the pubis therefore sagging is not a real health problem. The appearance of the pubis may annoy the woman when she is naked and may cause an unpleasant impression against her partner.

In some women who have the severe sagging, the pubis may be droopy as to curtain the front of the genital organ.

Where will I perform the procedure?

patient safety for pubic lift surgeryJoint Commission International (JCI) works to improve patient safety and quality of health care in the international community by offering education, publications, advisory services, and international accreditation and certification. It is the recognized global leader in healthcare accreditation with the highest standards built on maximum safety and minimum risk.

There are a couple of hospital options that I affiliated with, which accredited by JCI. I will perform your surgery at either one of the distinguished, cutting edge hospitals in Dubai. You may opt for one during the consultation.

How will I perform the surgery?

Pubic lift procedure is useful for tightening the pubic region. Most of the patients who referred me are the women. Women who have noticed the effects of aging in their pubic area over the age of 40 or have loose pubis due to massive weight alteration consist of the majority.

Pubic lift requires local anesthesia or general anesthesia depending on the severity of the deformity. The procedure will take about 1 hour. I cut off the skin elliptically on the upper border of the pubis. After I remove the excess skin and fat in the pubic region, I stitch the remaining lower part by lifting upward.

When you get rid of the redundant skin and subcutaneous fat tissue on the pubic region, you would regain the tight and youthful appearance again.

The procedure is also feasible to combine with liposuction and tummy tuck surgery.

How is the recovery period?

patient satisfaction rate after pubic lift surgery

Patient satisfaction rate after the surgery

You will be able to leave the hospital on the same day.

Pubic lift is not a painful procedure. Pain medication controls easily the mild pain that you may feel after the procedure. Therefore you will not complain of any pain.

You will be able to resume to your usual life a few days after the surgery as you recover quickly.

Almost all my patients ask me when they will be able to begin daily activities. No need to ask me. When you attempt to do something, just listen to your body. Your body will already say “Go on” or “Stop”. Then you can limit your activities accordingly.

I always stitch the skin with absorbable and hidden sutures, so you will not feel stitch removal stress. Usually, a scar that looks like cesarean section mark remains after surgery.

In case of pubic drooping accompanied with abdominal drooping, if the tummy tuck is performed, both the pubic and abdominal region are tightened. Thus flattening of both the abdomen and the pubic region is ensured concurrently.

How will you feel yourself after having the surgery?

recovery period of pubic lift surgery

Diagram shows, how you will feel yourself emotionally during the recovery period of pubic lift. The effect of the surgery may impair your emotional status. However, as time goes on, you will recover and get rid of surgical effects; and eventually, you will gain your confidence back.

What are the risks and complications?

Pubic lift is not a risky procedure. Surgery leaves a faint scar which looks like a cesarean section mark. The surgery provides you with confidence as you feel better when you are naked in your private moments.



As per Dubai Health Authority rules, if you had planned to have a pubic lift in Dubai, you had to do a COVID test before the pubic lift in Dubai hospitals. However, according to the recent update, patients no longer have to do a covid test.

Checklist Before Having Pubic Lift in Dubai, UAE

IMPORTANT ! Before getting the appointment, check your medical conditions yourself.

How much does a pubic lift cost in Dubai, UAE?

Pubic lift costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic and depend on the severity of the deformity, therefore the anesthesia type. In my practice, pubic lift price: 18,000 AED ($4,900).

The price includes surgeon fee, blood tests, hospitalization expenses, medicines and consumables used in the hospital. Deep sedation or general anesthesia options are subject to extra payment.

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Get ready to look and feel best with pubic lift… You deserve…

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