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You have been thinking about your breast size probably at any time in your life. Or sometimes you have looked in the mirror and examined yourself. “Are my breasts small or big enough?”, “are my breasts suitable for my body?”, or “do I like my breasts?”. I would like to point out that you’re not the only one asking these questions. I would like to point out that millions of men and women question both their own and ideal breast size.

Now I suggest you follow me throughout this article, especially if you are considering plastic surgery. Let’s go step by step by answering the question of whether there is an ideal breast size.

How to get to know your breast size?

First and foremost, the ideal breast size is compatible with the general body structure of the person. Height, rib cage width, hip-width play an important role in the ideal breast size. We call this as the golden ratio. This golden ratio is important in terms of aesthetics, naturalness, and comfort of the person. It causes back and neck pains, especially chest posture disorder, which the rib cage cannot carry.

Breast size is primarily determined by genetics, making it unique to each individual. Although surveys have discovered the ideal size and proportions favored by the majority of women, how individual women feel about their actual breast size remains subjective and personal.

Therefore, it can be a little difficult to talk about a general ideal size. But I must add that it is perfectly normal to think that today’s beauty standards are an ideal dimension with what they offer us.

Celebrities with ideal breast size

breast size of jayne mansfieldI must also add that, like fashion, hairstyles, or other beauty trends, the ideal size of the breasts has changed through time. Curvier bodies were considered ideal body shapes in the ’50s. Think of Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield, and such. As we reached the 2000s, models with skinnier and slimmer bodies have been more popular. The best example for that is of course the likes of Kate Moss, Gisele Bündchen, or Linda Evangelista… But it has changed again in the 2010s and 2020s with more curvy and hourglass shapes on the rise. Now we are living in the era of Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

Similar to “ideal body shapes”, specific sizes and shapes of breasts have been considered ideal in each decade. And women have been trying different things to keep up with the trends.

Researches and fun facts about ideal breast size

Research including answers of 1000 men and women gives us a clue about public opinion of the ideal breast size. Be ready to be surprised. 41 percent of men prefer D cups as the best while 31 percent of them think C cups are the perfect fit and a loner of 12 percentage thinks B cups are the ideal size. On the other bowl of the bra, women prefer the same ratio of 41 percent as the ideal size of D while a lower 25% population considers C cups are the ideal. The difference is here, for women 22% accept B cup as ideal size. Both genders agree on the round shape is the ideal shape of breasts. Only ages between 16-20 of the population think athletic shape as ideal shape.


Is this ideal breast size in sync with reality?

Fortunately, the survey reveals that the British, Belgians and French have an ideal which matches reality, meaning it’s in sync with the average stated bust size. For the other countries, namely Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and the US, reality falls slightly short of expectations (in most cases, those questioned prefer a C cup, whereas the average stated size is a B). Poland and Romania are the exceptions in that their ideal is a smaller bust size.

This match between the ideal and reality means that most women are satisfied with the size of their bust. In Europe, over eight out of ten women (84.8%) with a C cup say they are happy with what they’ve got. This satisfaction rate is 72% for those with a B cup.

The survey was undertaken in 2016 by https://www.zavamed.com/uk/does-breast-size-matter.html. A total of 1,000 Americans and 1,000 Europeans — 940 women and 1,060 men — were asked what their ideal breast size would be.

Determining your ideal breast size

While the best way to determine your ideal size is through an examination by a board-certified plastic surgeon like myself, there are determining factors that can guide you.

Body type

There are eight major body types in women. Each of these has its ideal breast size to make the body look proportionate. For example, if you have a triangle body type, you certainly can benefit from breast reduction to make your bust proportionate to your small hips and waist.

Body shape

If you take a closer look at your body and analyze it carefully, you can easily tell your body shape. Do you have a strong build or have a thin frame? I must say that for example, if you have a built body shape, a breast augmentation can be beneficial for you, as you can carry large-sized breasts with ease. Or, if you’re lean or small, larger think long and hard about getting big breasts as they cause back pain.


If you are in your childbearing years, you might want to forego getting a breast augmentation for a while— unless you don’t have any plans of bearing children, because pregnancy can cause the breasts to grow larger. During this period, you’ll be able to see yourself with larger breasts and decide if you want to keep it that way or not.

In breastfeeding and pregnancy, hormonal changes can alter the shape and the size of the breasts. All these factors can change the body and so on the breasts, an individual can be happy or not, to achieve your dream body.

When it comes to your health and well-being, fitting into the average range of breast size isn’t as important as fitting into your individual comfort level. You might be perfectly happy with the size of your breasts, regardless of how they measure up to others.

You can also explore different clothing styles, bra types, and even makeup to change the look of your breasts and boost your confidence. In my opinion no matter what, your breasts are yours to embrace.

About Nazmi Baycin

Dr. Nazmi Baycin is board certified specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery. During the residency period, he practiced on hand surgery, microsurgery, and maxillofacial surgery. Since 1999, he conducted up to 40 scientific research studies that were published in most reputable international journals. He carried out more than 7.000 major surgeries as head plastic surgeon in his 20 years of career. Working on key areas include all procedures in field of cosmetic surgery. New surgical techniques on breast and genital surgery designed by Dr. Nazmi Baycin had been a subject of many international lectures.

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