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As a new mother, do not feel guilty for wanting to get your body back. You have selflessly given it up to carry and nurse your children and now it is time to do something for yourself. Well of course with the mommy makeover.

Saying “Hello” to a new you with a mommy makeover!

You’ve put one of the most interesting, beautiful, and of course difficult times in your life behind you. Your body has just been through a challenging experience. From several fatigues to morning sickness, you had a lot during pregnancy and even after giving birth…

Mothers routinely put the needs of children (and often partners) ahead of their own, habitually leaving themselves low on the list of priorities. But now, unlike previous generations, mothers today also want to stay and feel young, and this includes achieving a body that looks like the one they had before children. Unfortunately, after pregnancy and breastfeeding, many mothers cannot naturally achieve their desired body through diet and exercise alone and postpartum body contouring can allow them to achieve this body appearance.

As such, many new mums turn towards a collection of procedures that aim to restore their prepartum shape sooner, collectively known as the “mommy makeover”.

How does your body change after giving birth?

First of all, I should mention that do not expect your postpartum body to quickly return to its former or prenatal state. Even after childbirth, it is very possible that you still look 6 months pregnant. This is because the womb, which has been expanded slowly during pregnancy to make room for your growing baby, needs time to go back to its normal size. This can take around 6 to 8 weeks.

As your baby grows during pregnancy you might gain weight. This helps to support your baby before and after birth. Once you have delivered your baby, it’s safest for you to take it slow when trying to lose weight and when considering a mommy makeover.

Also, as an experienced doctor who has met many mums, try not to compare yourself to anyone else because everyone is different. While some don’t even gain a single weight, some women may have gained more weight than others during pregnancy. Others may find it takes longer to recover. To sum up, every body is different than another.

Growing a baby is hard work for your body—it goes through enormous changes. While many of these changes or symptoms will disappear after you have had your baby, some parts of your body may take longer to heal, or may stay changed.

Which body parts get benefit from a mommy makeover?

body parts for mommy makeover

  • We all know that breasts can sag and change in size and shape after pregnancy, whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding.
  • Many women get some swelling in pregnancy, particularly in the legs, ankles, fingers, and feet. This swelling will ease after giving birth. Your shoe size can also change permanently after birth.
  • If you developed stretch marks during pregnancy, these will begin to fade. Over time they will become smaller and will turn white or silver. Once stretch marks have appeared there is no reliable evidence to show that oils or creams will remove them.
  • Your body may have become wider during pregnancy. This is because it was making room for your growing baby. Your ribs may have expanded, and your hips will often widen to make it easier for the baby to exit the birth canal. For some women wider ribs and hips will be permanent.

If you want to take action on these changes, you can check out my mommy makeover for new mothers.

What is a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover is a collection of plastic surgery procedures performed together as a package—as one operation or a series of operations—intending to remove the unwanted effects of age, pregnancy, and childbirth.

The most popular mommy makeovers include breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, tummy tuck, and liposuction. Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers as well as other skin treatments can be added as nonsurgical treatments included in mommy makeover packages.

Mommy makeover procedures are growing in popularity worldwide. According to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), in 2015 there were nearly 750,000 tummy tucks, 500,000 breast lifts, and 1,500,000 breast augmentations performed worldwide. Compared to 2015, these numbers reflect an 21.8% increment in tummy tucks, 44.7% increment in breast lifts, and 20.6% increment in breast augmentation.

Why do you need a mommy makeover?

In this way, you will be able to feel like your pre-pregnancy self. You can boost self-confidence by making yourself feel sexy, attractive, and able to wear your favorite clothes again.

Specifically, mommy makeovers can help with

  • Loose skin on the abdomen.
  • Deflated or sagging breasts.
  • Enlarged or stretched breasts.
  • Stubborn fat deposits cannot be lost through diet and exercise.
  • Stretch marks

What are the main mommy makeover procedures?

procedures of mommy makeoverTummy tuck

This is a procedure that involves the surgical reduction of excess skin and fat from the middle-lower abdomen in order to tighten the muscles and connective tissues of the abdominal wall.

Liposuction and body contouring

Liposuction may be performed in combination with your tummy tuck procedure to remove stubborn pockets of fat from your abdomen area and to reduce excess fat. In a Mommy Makeover, liposuction is most often performed in the stomach area in order to achieve a smoother and more contoured profile.

Labiaplasty and/or vaginal tightening

Vaginal muscles often become loose and weak after childbirth. Vaginal tightening surgery can change the way your vagina feels and functions, bringing back more tone and control as well as enhancing sensation during sex.

The intimate area may darken due to hormonal alterations during the pregnancy. Additionally, the labia may enlarge and lead to both cosmetic and psychological concerns. Labiaplasty restores the external beauty of the intimate area.

Breast augmentation

In the mommy makeover, a breast lift can correct skin laxity, stretched areas and the position of nipples. This procedure helps to rejuvenate the chest and help the breasts look younger and perkier.

Who can have a mommy makeover?

If you have finished having children and you are at your ideal weight, you may be an ideal candidate for a mommy makeover. Also, I will assess your health, to discuss what options are available to you as well as learning your expectations.

While the physical benefits of a mommy makeover are apparent, the psychological benefits of the procedure are also far-reaching. Women that undergo a mommy makeover often experience a renewed sense of self-confidence as the areas of their bodies that were bothering them after pregnancy are restored. A mommy makeover is a dramatic way to refresh and revitalise your body after the rigors of pregnancy have taken their toll.

Get ready for a serious boost in self-confidence. Your mommy makeover will be life-changing, restoring confidence and pride in your appearance.

About Nazmi Baycin

Dr. Nazmi Baycin is board certified specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery. During the residency period, he practiced on hand surgery, microsurgery, and maxillofacial surgery. Since 1999, he conducted up to 40 scientific research studies that were published in most reputable international journals. He carried out more than 7.000 major surgeries as head plastic surgeon in his 20 years of career. Working on key areas include all procedures in field of cosmetic surgery. New surgical techniques on breast and genital surgery designed by Dr. Nazmi Baycin had been a subject of many international lectures.

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