woman from middle east coming to dubai for hymenoplasty

An accident, an assault, or in some cases consensual intercourse… Whatever the reason is not important. Regardless of how it was torn, many women seek a remedy for hymen repair in Middle East countries (Ref. Sexuality and religious ethics: Analysis in a multicultural university context). In recent years, the demand to hymenoplasty surgery has increased. The women who do not want to have the procedure in their country have found the solution in Dubai.

Which countries do women travel from to Dubai?

According to cultural, traditional, and religious upbringing, Arab society does not approve intercourse before marriage. Apart from consensual intercourse, sexual abuse, and trauma are also the cause of losing virginity. On the other hand, even married women in the Middle East consider to have hymen repair as well.


There is no official data regarding the number of the procedure or honor killings. However, it is known that the number of doctors performing hymenoplasty in Egypt is not a lot. Especially in North Egypt, finding a doctor is a big challenge. Therefore, the possibility of having the procedure is limited.

Saudi Arabia

Hymenoplasty in Saudi Arabia is a controversial issue. Many girls lose their hymen due to various incidents. According to sociologists, girls are exposed to rape, sexual abuse, and assaults that may result in loss of a life. As reported, about 5,000 women lose their lives every year.

the countries where the women come from to dubai

The countries where the women come from to Dubai to have hymenoplasty


Health service data does not include the religion or marital status of the people. However, according to private clinic reports, there is a significant surge in demand for hymenoplasty in Qatar among Muslim women.


Although there is not enough data regarding the hymenoplasty procedures in Bahrain, many women travel to Dubai from Bahrain.


In Iraq, women are required to keep their genital area unscathed due to their strict social upbringing. This affects some women psychologically, as they are brought up with the attitude that chastity and an intact hymen confirm honor and dignity. Nevertheless, there are not many clinics for hymenoplasty in Iraq.


Pro-government magazine article stated an increase in hymen repair in Syria among women. This is due to them wanting to avoid scandal and to eliminate evidence that they weren’t virgins before they got married.


Doctors rarely perform hymenoplasty in Kuwait. According to internet forums, many women in Kuwait seek a solution.


Although numerous doctors and clinics can perform hymenoplasty in Pakistan, especially in Karachi and Lahore, this procedure is rare. Because of the reliability and confidentiality, most Pakistani women seek a solution in a different country.

Why do women prefer to have hymenoplasty in Dubai?

healthcare in dubaiThe increased popularity of Dubai draws many people’s attention in Gulf countries. Healthcare services as well as all business areas are rising every year. The people who are not able to find a solution for their medical problems in their countries travel to Dubai to get treatment. In Middle East countries, demand among women who want to have a hymenoplasty in Dubai has also increased.

Standards of the healthcare services in Dubai are regulated strictly. Not only quantitatively but also technical quality of the facilities is increasing. In terms of patient safety, Dubai has become a leader among the Middle East countries.

Most women do not want surrounding people to know that they had a hymenoplasty procedure. Confidentiality is also another consideration. So, Dubai is the best alternative for them to solve their problem.

Contrary to expectations, the hymenoplasty prices in Dubai are pretty fair. Since the procedure does not restrict the patient’s usual life, the women having the procedure can return to their country in 1-2 days. For that reason, the accommodation either does not cost too much.

Here, you may get detailed information about hymenoplasty in Dubai.

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