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If you’re ready to get that nose you dreamed of, I would love to introduce you to high-definition rhinoplasty!

Our nose is the prominent feature in the middle of the face. It can hardly be covered with anything. We know from the first hand, having a bad-looking nose or a nose that does not fit your other features might decrease your self-esteem.

You may not be as satisfied with your nose structure, especially from an aesthetic point of view. For this reason, you may want to have an operation that is both aesthetically and medically safe. With the right procedure and my new technique, it is possible to create the most suitable nose for your features.

What is high-definition rhinoplasty?

Founded by yours truly, “HD Rhinoplasty” is a new technique that embraces the latest and improved possibilities that technology offers us. I present a one-of-a-kind work in HD Rhinoplasty, where I combine many years of experience with state-of-the-art and special techniques with the addition of reliable technology. With this technique, I aim to bring your nose closer to perfection with the finest detail.

Why do you need HD Rhinoplasty?

why do you need hd rhinoplastyAs social media takes an increasingly larger place in our life, people tend to share their pictures publicly. On the other hand, recent HD technology shows all the details of the face on the photographs and videos.

Unlike standard rhinoplasty, I am able to make a much more detailed correction to your nose with high-definition rhinoplasty. With the help of high-definition rhinoplasty, you and I can capture a flawless image with details that are impossible to distinguish from the eye.

  • In this way, it can easily reach the aesthetically desirable image and nose.
  • It can give you a subtle touch down to the smallest details.
  • It can fix any medical problems caused by your nose.
  • In this way, you can take your quality of life to a much higher level.

How do I perform the surgery?

While, ultrasonic rhinoplasty (piezo-rhinoplasty), video endoscopic rhinoplasty, micro-rhinoplasty, micro-oscillating saw device being the latest revolutionary technologies, high-definition rhinoplasty is the implementation with the combination of those technologies together in the same surgery.

The slightest touch, from millimetric adjustments to the thinnest curves can make a big difference. With the latest technology and micro instruments in HD Rhinoplasty, I am studying even the slightest changes you may want to make to your nose.

Video endoscopic device provides a magnified vision of the nasal structures. Therefore I can control even 0,1 milimetric details easily. Ultra sensitive micro instruments ensure me to correct such details. On the other hand, oscilating micro saw cuts the nasal hump precisely without any tissue damage.

With that said, it becomes impossible to miss even the finest details in the surgery. I also increase the percentage of obtaining the targeted and desired nose. It shortens downtime as well as enhancing the accuracy of the results.

What is the difference of high-definition rhinoplasty?

video endoscopic device in hd rhinoplastyThe biggest feature that distinguishes HD Rhinoplasty from standard rhinoplasty is its use of advanced technology. This technology becomes the perfect technique in my hands. The percentage of access to the desired nose shape is much higher than in standard operations.

In standard procedures, the tip of the nose may be squeezed-narrowed, wide, asymmetrical, low, saggy or extremely shortened and raised in appearance. With high-definition rhinoplasty, I am able to work with millimetric details and prevent possible problems in a way that does not require revision. Therefore I minimise a failed nose job.

  • Unlike normal surgeries, high-definition rhinoplasty minimises tissue damage.
  • With advanced technology, surgical trauma is also less. Thanks to the fine and detailed techniques applied, the healing process is much faster than standard rhinoplasty.
  • If observed, the bruises and swelling that will occur on your face in any case will pass noticeably faster.

It is just as important to be in the hands of experts as the technique and technology used. And I believe that with my experience and the latest technique I offer, you will be able to reach that perfect nose of your dreams.

Are you ready to show your nose with pride in every photo and video and embrace your true self?

See the before & after pictures of rhinoplasty.

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About Nazmi Baycin

Dr. Nazmi Baycin is board certified specialist of plastic and reconstructive surgery. During the residency period, he practiced on hand surgery, microsurgery, and maxillofacial surgery. Since 1999, he conducted up to 40 scientific research studies that were published in most reputable international journals. He carried out more than 7.000 major surgeries as head plastic surgeon in his 20 years of career. Working on key areas include all procedures in field of cosmetic surgery. New surgical techniques on breast and genital surgery designed by Dr. Nazmi Baycin had been a subject of many international lectures.

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