Do breast enlargement products work?

breast enlargement product

Even about 35,000 years ago, cave drawings from the Paleolithic period showed us, women with large breasts. Of course, cave drawings have been replaced by Instagram photos and magazines. But the appeal of women with big breasts from the past to the present has not changed. This used to depict fertility and a healthy image, and now it’s moving in a line between likes and self-esteem.

Of course, there were no surgeries or breast augmentation products as there are now. Now we are facing modern medicine as well as marketing wonderful products.

Women versus the world; why do women want bigger breasts?

What I might say might be arguable. But, the first reason women choose breast augmentation surgery is obviously to become more attractive, especially in the eyes of men. Another reason so many women choose to enlarge their breasts is competition with other women.

We all know that there is a common understanding that, the woman with larger breasts seems more feminine in the eyes of people around her, but especially in how she views herself. There are many physical differences between men and women. If we put genitals aside the biggest difference of them all is obviously that women have breasts and (most) men do not.

It is also insulting for an adult to be confused with a child, and breasts are the most obvious outside sign of a girl turning into a woman. So, a large proportion of women choosing breast enlargement surgery feel the need to be considered feminine and mature.

Of course, the elephant in the room for breast enlargement is; celebrity culture…. We all seem to like Kim Kardashian, or Jennifer Lopez. Reports have shown that the number of breast augmentation surgeries dramatically goes up when a celebrity with large breasts rises in popularity, and that is why many women who actively seek fame have the surgery early in their careers.

Is it possible to have bigger breasts with products?

If you do a quick search for “breast enlargement” on the internet, it comes up with thousands of products, including creams, pills, lotions, exercise devices, and hypnosis tapes. But for example, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Better Business Bureau confirm that no breast enhancement product has ever been proven to work.

breast enlargement pillsCan any breast enlargement pills make your breasts bigger?

Many of these adverts focus on the insecurities many women have about their breasts, particularly after losing weight, childbirth, and even breast implant removal.

Are they safe?

Supplements like breast enlargement pills have not been fully tested for safe use by the general population. While looking at how effective certain natural breast enhancement supplements are is important because you do not want to potentially waste your money, even more crucial is whether they are safe or not. Just because a company looking to take your money from you claims a product is “natural” and “safe,” does not mean it is.

Breast creams?

Many breast-enhancing creams also claim to be all-natural, but like herbal supplements, that does not mean you are going to get a favorable result. According to the FDA’s website, creams and lotions advertised as breast developers don’t work, either. Some contain the hormone estrogen. Estrogen can increase breast size, but to be sold without a prescription these products must contain such a small amount of the hormone that its effect is insignificant.

Ultimately, the above risks and side effects from taking the various supplements, hormones, creams, and pills are a lot to put your body through to barely achieve an increase in cup size and aren’t worth it for many women.

Even though marketers and magazines might advertise breast enlargement pills as a miraculous, natural solution, they have not been approved. Also to be fair, I do not recommend it as a doctor.

To get the best result you are looking for, you may want to go ahead and have surgery. You may not know that you have many options here too. For example, if you do not want implants but just want a breast lift, this can be done without inserting implants into your body.

Cosmetic surgery and breast implants have improved since their inception and are very much the safest and really the only option for those who want a significant increase in breast size, especially if you choose the right hands, and implant material.

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