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As a Turkish plastic surgeon in Dubai, UAE, here I will share my professional knowledge and personal experience about PRP treatment, best indications, benefits of treatment, injection procedure and more…

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Everyone would like their doctor is the best PRP doctor. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai.

However, the best PRP doctor is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the doctor whom you really trust is the best.

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Why do you need PRP treatment?

Our biological status does not remain constant while the time progresses.

Cumulative effects of smoking, sunlight, pollution, stress, effects of business life affect our skin features negatively. Cell viability, skin color, elasticity, and resistance are influential factors over the skin characteristics.

Facial wrinkles become more pronounced, the facial expression changes, and facial proportions change due to weight alteration.

Aging spots also begin to appear on the face and hands after 50’s. Although it is not possible to stop the changes arising from skin aging, at least it is possible to slow down the changes.

Proper skin care and avoiding environmental factors can slow down this process. PRP treatment and stem cell therapy are medically one of the non-surgical skin-rejuvenating practices.

In facial rejuvenation protocol, laser, filler injection or botox are also feasible depending on the necessity together with PRP treatment.

What is PRP treatment?

PRP is the abbreviation of “Platelets Rich Plasma”. Platelets are the cells that accumulate in the damaged veins to form a plug and stop bleeding. In case of trauma such as cracks, punctures, cuts, tears, etc. in the veins platelets has critical role. PRP treatment is an injection of the isolated platelet-enriched plasma fraction into the area where treatment is required.

Certain amount of blood from the person processes a specific procedure, called centrifugation. There are about 60 distinct growth factors in the platelets that work in a particular order during the repair of tissue damage. These factors help to heal wounds by stimulating the repair and healing mechanisms of the cells. They highly contribute to the regeneration of the tissues when optimal conditions are present.

The Action Mechanism Of PRP

By the PRP injection, the treatment area can gain much more platelets and growth factors than that the normal blood can supply. For example, after PRP injection subcutaneously, growth factors in the platelets stimulate the production of new collagen and the formation of new capillaries. This stimulation ensures skin to refresh faster.

For the PRP procedure, nurse takes a particular amount of blood from the vessels in the arm first. Centrifuge device filters the blood. After the PRP preparation, I inject it into the desired places.

Because of it is patient’s own blood, the risk of allergy is zero.

Synergistic effect of white blood cells and platelets at the site of injection accelerates the release of growth factors. PRP treatment is useful for aesthetic purposes intended to treat skin rejuvenation, fine lines, and wrinkles, hair loss, acne scars, cellulitis and wound healing.

PRP Treatment For Facial Rejuvenation

When any part of our body has an injury, platelets migrates to the damaged tissue via blood. Platelets contain 60 distinct growth factors. They have ability of restoration and replacement of tissues and become active both tissue regeneration and to remove the residues of damaged tissue.

Platelets that secrete growth factors having a function an order during tissue repair mechanism. The cells have very high potency. After injection, the tissues are so to speak generated anew.

For facial rejuvenation, PRP treatment renews the entire when injected into cheeks, forehead, chin and the folds extending from the sides of the nose to the sides of the lip (nasolabial fold).

You will have a more vivid and refreshed facial appearance.

What is the relationship between skin aging and wound healing?

The damage of a tissue resulting from external factors is almost similar to aging process. Those are damaging effect of ultraviolet, skin damage resulting from diminishing supportive structures in the skin layers. In both cases, solutions of repairing provide almost the same benefits.

The effect of treatment not only in wound healing but also in preventing skin aging is due to this similarity in the repair mechanism of damage.

Which cases is PRP treatment used for?

PRP treatment mediates the repair of tissue damage by your own biological material. In the medical world, the starting point of PRP treatment is wound healing. However it is also useful in many other areas.

For example, our joints, bones, and tendons get the maximum benefit from the healing effect of PRP treatment. In USA, some centers routinely use PRP treatment in the case of tendon damage called “tennis elbow”.

In plastic surgery, PRP treatment is useful to increase the survival rate of fat graft.

Artificial tears made from PRP in some eye diseases provide a preventive and regenerative effect of ocular damage.

Platelets also stimulate hair roots. Therefore the lifespan of our hair improves.

PRP treatment is useful to improve sexual activity for both women and men: In women boots the orgasm with injection into the vagina, in men makes stronger erection and increases penis size.

There are much more examples… Each tissue in the body gets the benefit from PRP administration.

How is PRP prepared?

First of all, I would like to remind you that PRP treatment is a medical practice. So, only certified doctors have the authority to administer the procedure. In this procedure, a system consisting of sterile covered tubes and supportive materials.

These systems are official systems with the adequacy and reliability approved by the world health authorities. It has passed the many scientific tests to allow to return to the same person by separating the blood components.

The nurse collects your blood into a tube. Centrifuge machine isolates the platelets. After preparation, I inject the plasma without contact with air or other material. Each kit are only for one patient for safety. I always use international authority approved kits.

What is expected from PRP treatment?

PRP treatment which inspired from wound healing makes fuller likewise hyaluronic on the injection site. It helps to correct fine wrinkles. Furthermore, it ensures self-restoration of the skin, produces tissue supports such as collagen and elastin. Also it eliminates harmful effects of sunlight and ultraviolet ray.

Even though it is not a filler product reduces lines and wrinkles, even though it is not a skin lightener equalizes the color tone of your skin, even though it is not a cosmetic product reduces your under eye bags and bruises, even though it is not a hair care product increases vitality and brightness for the hair. Because thrombocytes that contain 60 distinct growth factor are still unable to reach the limits of the positive results they can.

How many session do you need?

Depending on the condition of the skin, your expectation and the intended results, you may need several injections. Even if needed 3 or 4 times in a month or once every month periodically is feasible.

If PRP treatment supported with antioxidant cosmetic products which slow down the aging process, which strengthen the immune system, which increase the resistance of your skin against solar damage.

After all, you would witness more remarkable results.

PRP Treatment For Hair Loss

PRP is an advanced treatment option for hair loss sufferers with noticeable benefits.

It helps to slow down hair loss, increases diameter of hair strand and grow hair more nourished. You may need more than one PRP sessions to see desired results. This treatment is not a tailored fit and needs personalized measures. So please schedule your appointment for diagnosis and possible treatment option.




How much does PRP treatment cost in Dubai?

PRP costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic and depend on the ingredient of the PRP kit to be used with PRP treatment. In my practice, facial PRP price: 2.500 AED.

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Get ready to look and feel best with PRP treatment… You deserve…

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