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As a Turkish doctor in Dubai, UAE, here I will share my professional knowledge and personal experience about botulinum toxin… What is it useful for? Wrinkle treatment, excessive sweating treatment, migraine treatment, best timing to start, how long it lasts and more… You will also have an idea regarding the botox prices in Dubai.

Do you need the best botox doctor in Dubai?

Everyone would like their doctor is the best botox doctor. Also, you would like to have surgery at the best plastic surgery clinic in Dubai.

However, the best botox doctor is pretty relative and varies from person to person. Actually, the doctor whom you really trust is the best.

If you plan to have botox treatment in Dubai and need professional support, feel free to contact.

Why do you need botox treatment?

Botox is brand name of a toxin (Botulinum Toxin) secreted by a bacterium called as Clostridium botulinum in Latin. That has been producing in the laboratory to make it therapeutic for human.

Although there is a lot unknown, botox is always on the agenda. It is helpful for the treatment of many ophthalmologic, paediatric, physiotherapic and neurological diseases as well as cosmetic problems.

Everybody knows botox is the easiest and fastest method of wrinkle correction. Obviously, the results are seen all around the world.

However it has been using commonly for cosmetic purposes in recent years. Main treatment fields are:

  • Reduction of facial wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows, around the eye
  • Reduction of excessive sweating of underarm, hand and foot
  • Relieving the migrain pain

Facial Wrinkle Treatment With Botox

As a result of movements for years of mimic muscles on the face, the lines on the skin covering the mimic muscles become constant over time due to the folding steady. Since these lines arise from muscle movements, we call them as dynamic lines.

For example, horizontal forehead lines, frown lines between the brows, crow’s feet lines beside the eye, vertical lines above the upper lip, all are dynamic lines. Over the years, cellular aging and the external factors such as smoking and sun damage lead serious wrinkles to appear on the face.

Botox injection is an application that provides positive results at the highest level regarding of wrinkles. It is feasible to get the most natural and effective results. In an aesthetic application, that the goal is to obtain the most precise and perfect result. The dynamic lines on the forehead lead an aged, worn-out look. Furthermore, the lines between the eyebrows lead a frowned, angry look.

Following the botox injection, the mimic muscles lose their strength, move weaker, even the muscles may not work for a while. Due to the weakening of the muscle movements, the wrinkles arising from muscle movements on the skin that covers the muscles gradually disappear.

As a result, an angry, elderly, weary face is resolved, and a younger, more vivid expression replace.

Does injection cause frozen, expressionless or asymmetrical appearance?

botox injection sites

Botox injection sites

Botox injection is not an application that able to perform by anyone who holds a syringe on the hand. To inject the botox requires a comprehensive anatomy knowledge of facial muscles.

We shall assume that every doctor already has the knowledge of facial anatomy. However, knowledge and experience are different things. It is crucial to determine the accurate injection points. Even deviations of 3-5 mm from the accurate point may significantly affect the result in different ways. For example, injecting the botox into a muscle with a diameter of 0.5 cm requires special experience and skill as well as knowledge of anatomy.

If a doctor cannot determine the accurate injection points or cannot adjust the appropriate dosage, a frozen, an asymmetrical or an expressionless face will result. Furthermore, unpredictable unwanted results may also show up. That is the reason why we hear so much negative rumor about botox treatment results.

However, when the doctor injects the botox thoroughly and determines the injection points carefully excellent results show up. Thus, your face gains pretty natural appearance.

Those who know you are may notice something different on your face such as freshness, vividness. Yet they cannot figure out what the difference arises from. Nobody even realizes that your face looks beautiful through botox injection.

How long does the effect last in wrinkle treatment?

The effect of botox treatment reaches the efficient level 1 week following the injection. The effect increases gradually and reaches to peak in 1 month, and remains on this level for 2-3 months more. Afterward, the effect gradually decreases.

For wrinkle corrections, the effect terminates after 5-6 months. The effect last longer in every subsequent injection. If you have botox injection periodically for many years, the duration of the effect will be much longer. Because it will weaken the muscles on injection site. After years, even one injection in a year will be sufficient.

Excessive Sweating (Hyperhidrosis) Treatment With Botox

underarm hyperhidrosis treatment with botox

Underarm hyperhidrosis treatment with botox

Excessive sweating called as hyperhidrosis can turn social and business life of many people into a nightmare. Sweating does not occur often on the body everywhere at the same time. Sweating occurs in different regions more often such as underarm, palm and foot.

For example, in people who have excessive sweating on underarm, their underarm of the clothes often looks wet. Additionally, excessive sweating causes an odor of sweat which affects his or her social life. They also often need to keep spare clothes.

The people who have excessive sweating of their feet can experience some problems such as fungal infection and odor of sweat due to steady wearing socks.

Briefly, excessive sweating may be very annoying, and situations that require special solutions like botox treatment to get rid of it may emerge.

How does the botox reduce sweating?

Botox injection targets the sweat glands underneath the skin to reduce sweating. It blocks the communication between the sweat glands and the nerve ends that run them. Thus, excessive production of sweat glands reduces.

Excessive armpit sweating is much more annoying, especially in the summer. Bad smell arising from excessive sweating bothers both the person herself/himself and surroundings. Especially pre-summer, April, and May are the best timing. A person who has an armpit botox treatment in May will spend the whole summer without a sweating problem and sweat odor.

On the other hand, palms and soles may sweat intensely in some people regardless the seasons. Some people avoid even shaking hands because the palm is sweaty constantly.

Botox treatment results are pretty successful and satisfying in those who have excessive sweating and make this a social and psychological problem. Reduced sweating and getting rid of sweat odor affect the person’s psychological and social life positively.

How long does the effect in sweating treatment last?

The duration of the botox effect is longer in sweating treatment than wrinkle treatment. I witnessed as long lasting effect as up to 11 months in one of my patients. However, that is an extreme case, such a long-lasting effect does not occur in general. When the effect terminates, re-injection one after another without hesitance.

You will get rid of the sweating problem through botox treatment without any side effects.

Migrain Treatment With Botox

Does Botox reduce the frequency of chronic migraine? The effect of botox injection on migraine pain had not been clear until recently. The treatment was discovered incidentally. Patients noticed that migraine attacks have relieved after the botox injection for correction of facial wrinkles.

The underlying cause of the pain is mostly the tension of the muscles on the head in migraine patients. If the muscles are relieved from the tension, that may prevent pain attacks. That is, if you make muscles relax, the factor that causes migraine pain will vanish.

Many pain relief drugs are used in migraine treatment. However, the greatest advantage of botox treatment is not that it relieves the pain, it prevents the pain.

Although it helps to prevent the pain in 70-80% of migraine patients. A group of the patients does not respond to treatment.

Treatment is much more effective in chronic migraine patients

The success rate of the botox treatment is much higher particularly in patients with chronic migraine pain. The chronic migraine patient means the people who suffer a headache around 15 days in a month. A severe headache ruins the patient’s life also leads poor life quality. Almost all remedies that thought to provide positive results have been tried to improve the life quality of migraine patients.

Clinical studies shows that the ability of botox treatment to relax the muscles has been a remedy for many patients. That is the reason why there is much demand for migraine treatment with botox.

Make sure that your doctor should be experienced specialist botox for migraine treatment. In migraine treatment, the drug injection by specialists who know the anatomical position of muscles on the face and head region well. How much botox requires for each muscles is also critical point. Otherwise, the desired benefit cannot be achieved. For example, if it is not injected into the correct muscle that really needs to be relaxed, but injected into the neighboring muscle inadvertently, you will not be able to get a benefit. You would waste your money. Therefore, it is indeed crucial you to chose a right doctor in this regard.

How long does the botox effect last in migraine treatment?

The effect of botox injection in migraine treatment lasts about 4-6 months. So you will experience the effect within 5-7 days after the injection. You will have a painless period of 4-6 months. When the effect lessens, a new injection requires.

The effect reaches an adequate level 1 week after the injection. The efficacy increases day by day gradually. At the end of 1 month, the effect reaches the peak, remains on this level for 2-3 months more, then gradually lessens, and ends 5-6 months later.

The duration becomes longer in subsequent injections. Because of the muscles are already relax, it lasts longer time. The muscles become weaker and more relaxed due to the inactivity. Since the muscles to gain their strength after repeated botox injections take much longer, then the duration also lengthens.

What are the side effects of botox injection?

Although there is no side effect of botox known in practice, unwanted effects may occur after botox injection, but not side effects in the case of malpractice.

There is no medicine which can correct the unwanted result by eliminating the effect of botox. When such an unwanted effect occurs arising from botox injection, it is necessary to wait until the effect is over.

Since the effect of botox treatment is temporary and reversible, the unwanted result reverses spontaneously when the effect ends.

Botox injection has no hazardous effect. During the injection, possible slight swelling and redness may occur, however lasts in a few minutes.

I do not recommend botox injection during the pregnancy and breastfeeding period. Because there is no precise scientific information enough about the injection in these periods.

Also I do not recommend botox treatment for people with neuromuscular disease, such as myasthenia gravis, Eaton Lambert Syndrome.




How much does botox treatment cost in Dubai?

Botox costs in Dubai vary from clinic to clinic and also depend on the injection quantity. In my practice botox prices:

  • Wrinkle treatment price: 2.500 AED
  • Migrain treatment price: 3.000 AED
  • Excessive sweating treatment price: 3.000 AED per area

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